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Session 2 > Youth Volleyball 

Session 3 > Youth Basketball  

Summer Camp > Coming June 2021

Pre K - 1st grade:

  • 8 weeks of programming
  • Practices & games in the same evening during the week
  • All weeknight programming
  • Child will receive an award at the end of the season

2nd - 12th grade:

  • 8 weeks of programming
  • 3 weeks of play enhancement (First 3 Weeks)
  • 16 games guarantee
  • 1 development night per week
  • Tournament to finish the season (Nov 13-15th)
  • Saturdays will only be used for games when needed


“Development Practice” A night of practices in which all players in the division (2-3rd, 4-5th etc...) are practicing together and all coaches will be available to the kids.

What’s the point of the development practice?

Reason: By doing this we are guaranteeing that all kids are learning the same things and that every child gets the same great coaches available to them.


“Play Enhancement” Children will show up and get to play games with new teammates each week. 2 games will be played each game day. After the first 3 weeks, children will be placed with permanent teams & coaches.


What’s the point of the "Play enhancement"? (First 3 weeks)

Reason: To insure all kids are learning, developing, and that every coach get to interact with every child. We want kids to have new teammates so we can see how they play together and help insure teams are equal after the first 3 weeks.

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